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Project Description
WPFDBBrowser was developed to facilitate access to the database's schemas (Oracle etc.) and it's components(tables, view etc). WPFDBBrowser supports plug-in architecture for various DB types and user logic. Project is developed in Visual Studio 2010 B2 (C# 4.0).


We are currently working on alfa version which includes:
  • database tree browser - database root node with tables and views
  • SQL query editor with syntax highlighting (hopefully with simple IntelliSense)
  • result view
  • MS Access support
  • MS SQL Server support

We also think about these features:
  • inteligent query editor
  • comparing structure and data between 2 databases
  • tabbed query editor
  • full IntelliSense support

If you have some ideas which should be there, please, share them with us. Thank you.

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